24 May 2012


So here we have another photoshoot with my sister :) Paulina posed tirelessly through our two days of workshop with Kasia (you already know her from here). Kasia, thank you for inviting us!! We spent a fantastic time and relaxed in a peaceful and snug house. 
The weather was beautiful again! You could feel the spring in the air. But the lake was still iced over. It looked just amazing. 

16 May 2012

Kasia & Pati

You might remember the girl from the pictures below. Some time ago we met with Kasia (Patrycja's mum), who wanted to learn a bit more about photography. Here you can see some photos we took that day :)
This time I had a chance to make some shots of a close relation between a mother and a daughter. It's really nice to see how well they get on with each other. When we met it was the beginning of the spring and weather was quite changeable. But it was the second time we met and we were really lucky again. It was sunny and warm. You may notice, though, that the lake is still covered with ice! :) 
I had a lot of fun following the girls with my camera :) Have a look.