27 February 2013

Tymek, Marcel, Ania & Marcin

Still having wintry sights behind the window, it's nice to come back to summer photoshoots. The ones filled with sun and warmth, blue sky in the background and lots of joy of my models. This time I met a lovely couple with two sons. A walk through the forest and onto the seaside took us a few hours and it was really enjoyable :)

5 February 2013


So there we have another new arrival in my family :) My cousin's become a father and his daughter Kornelka had a chance to taste a bit of a model's life ;) And she did pretty good!
Wouldn't it be nice to be a baby again? :D Having no worries, sleeping most of the day, being fed at any request, and seeing that delight and excitement of your parents whenever you smile or make a silly face ;) Those were the days...



It was the beginning of November. And a start of gloomy, depressing weather. But we found this atmosphere perfect for our little photoshoot. Thanks to a bouquet and a garland of chrysanthemum, we added a bit of warm colours to that grey surroundings. Have a look.