22 August 2012

What it's like to be Jane Eyre

That was an amazing photoshoot. Together with Maja we moved back in time to a marvellous Victorian era. She looked so much like Jane Eyre, one of her favourite literature characters. And that was the intention. She prepared every detail for the shoot! That gorgeous dress she is wearing was sewn specially for her by a talented dressmaker... and the fabric used to be curtains! I was impressed. Jane Eyre's hat was created by Maja, and it was made from two place mats and a ribbon :D She is a genius. The books, sketchpad, crocheted doily and scarves, all gave a nice complement for the whole picture. And the place where we drove for what seemed like forever, was not an accidentally found spot :) Oh, and Maja's hairdo was my mission. With a little help of artificial hair streaks it was possible to make such a nice plaited bun :)
Have a look and enjoy a trip back in time with us!

8 August 2012

Asia and her little sister, Gosia

Kids grow sooo fast!! I remember when Asia, my goddaughter, came into this world and now she is 3 and has a newborn little sister! :) Such a cute baby. Gosia slept so tightly that she really seemed to be eager to have all those photos taken and all the possible hats on ;) 
Asia enjoys having such a lovely young company. And I love to see how that sisterly love gets stronger!