25 November 2012

Lolek, Patrycja & Rafał

Capturing moments of a happy family life is very satisfying. When I met Patrycja and Rafał with their little boy Lolek, we had a long walk in the forest and along the seaside. Talking, laughing and enjoying time spent outdoors. We came across a plague of ladybirds. Lolek was a bit afraid at first, but then he got really fond of them. And he demanded our attention whenever he found a ladybird, or more often, a pine cone occupied by lots of them ;) Have a look at our walk :)

19 November 2012

Monika, Erkan and the kittens :)

So this is the shoot my lovely cousin's been wishing for since I remember :) She is totally mad about horses. They are everywhere, different kind of gadgets cover her room and not only :) Erkan, the horse you can see in the pictures, is Monika's friend's beloved pet. A very beautiful animal! Personally, I am a bit afraid of horses. Maybe because they're so big and sturdy. I was amazed how the girls handled with him. And he seemed to be quite obedient but a bit of a fidget ;) Working with animals is never easy ;D But those four cute kittens were even more challenging. They endlessly went meow meow... :P And one of them seemed to have learnt to walk and kept on running away. But in the end, we actually got the shot I wished for, the one with kittens looking at the camera :) Enjoy!