25 April 2013


Here we have another adorable baby model :) Kacper is a son of my friend, Hania. And actually it's her birthday today :) Hania, I wish you all the best and mostly I wish you that this little man will bring you a lot of joy and happiness! :* 
And these cute hats you can find at HenHouse

23 April 2013

Magda & Radek (+ Zosia)

Due to quite chilly weather (though we were lucky enough to have both snow on the ground and temperature above zero), this was a rather rapid shoot. I love photographing Magda and Radek as they are always candid and need no posing in front of the camera. And as usually we had lots of fun :D
Time's just flying too fast for me... Now that I'm posting these photos, Zosia has already been for two months in this world! :)

22 April 2013

Tadek i Edek

I've always wished to have this double baby photoshoot :) I was really happy to hear that Marta and Paweł were going to have twins! I must admit I was a bit anxious beforehands, as I wasnt' sure if I can manage to photograph two babies. Usually it's not an easy job with a single one, let alone two of them! The night before the shoot, Tadek and Edek took turns to have a colic. Actually, thanks to that, Tadek slept throughout the whole session, even when his brother was screaming straight into his ear! :) Although their parents didn't have a good night sleep, they did a great job helping me on the set. The boys looked really cute and seemed so fragile and peaceful. I wonder what they're going to look like when they grow up :) 
A big thank you to my talented friend Ana for these lovely props!