28 February 2012

Sometimes we cry . . .

We have all experienced sad moments in our lives. I don't have to say why we cry, everyone has their own reasons. I asked my models to recall an unhappy time from their past or think about something that moves them deeply. And shortly afterwards tears were rolling down their cheeks...
It wasn't easy, though. I think the hardest part was to get that tears come out in front of the camera. But in the end, they all did well. A big thank you to you girls for helping me to realize this project :*

22 February 2012

♥ ♥ ♥

Have I mentioned how much affection I have for that little camera? It seems to be my dearest love :) I can't really imagine life without photography any more. And now I look forward to the spring to come so that I can take my Nikon out and carry out all that ideas which have been growing in my mind  :) Keep your fingers crossed!

21 February 2012


I think I'm gonna love maternity sessions! They are so much fun :) Girls look so beautiful when they're expecting a baby and they are really optimistic about life. It is more than a pleasure to photograph them. Especially, when in fact there are two models in front of the camera ;) I hope I will have a chance to take some pictures of the little boy who's arriving soon. Honestly, I'm glad I met Karolina :) She's a real cutie and has a heart of gold. Thank you my dear model for such a great time and all your commitment :*
(The photos were taken in Dworek Admirał)

20 February 2012


I don't remember when I had such a spontaneous photoshoot for the last time :) We just wanted to see what Paulina would look like with curls. I thought I could take one picture for keepsake. But then I saw that spotted bra which perfectly matched her hairdo. And a second later we were having a lingerie photoshoot on white bedclothes warmed by a lovely golden light :D I'd love to have more unplanned shoots as it gives lots of unexpected excitement :) 


Kamila is a real beauty. I especially love her long naturally blonde hair and womanly curves. We've known each other for more than a year now, but that was the first time we met for a photoshoot. I'm happy that we finally did it and I'm glad that I had a chance to have a shoot in Spatif :) Have a look!