28 March 2010


Seconds after I said bye to Daniel, I met Natalia :) That girl definitely stands out from the crowd! Long black hair with an exceptional fringe, perfect make-up and deep brown eyes make you fix your gaze on her for more than a while. She is very pretty and camera loves her. We managed to take some shots, but rain was getting more and more irritating and in the end we decided to continue our session when the real spring comes. Hopefully, it'll come soon and you'll see more of that awesome model :) More of Natalia can be found here.


Spring is trying hard to cut through the remains of this year's winter. And it seems to be making some progress. Last Friday was just gorgeous! It was 20 degrees in the shade... But that was only kind of teasing as Saturday was a disaster... Rain, rain, rain! 

I'd arranged to have a photoshoot and despite wet weather I met Daniel in Gdańsk. It's been a long time since I had a shoot with a man, so I was really looking forward to it. And I have to admit that it was not a wasted time. Daniel is a fantastic lad. As his nick suggests (www.niekoliduje.maxmodels.pl) he doesn't clash, and I do confirm this fact :) Besides, he did his best to fill my frames nicely. Thanks a lot for such a fruitful time!

And here he is...

24 March 2010

Far far away...

... there lived Dorota... 

In quest for a nice modern interior I came across a well-furnished minimalist flat of one of my sister's friends. Huge cappuccino sofa, dark brown table, tasteful combination of colours and fabrics... Big windows let lots of diffused light inside. And a lovely model ready to stand in front of my camera. I had everything I needed :) There was just one snug - sooooo far from where I live!!

And here we have another model who's learnt 'the Hollywood smile'... ;D

20 March 2010

No title

A quick walk around Sopot resulted in a few nice shots. The sky was a bit milky so colours seem to be a bit vanished. But let's say that was the intended effect :]

16 March 2010

Inspiration wanted

Still looking for creative inspiration. Still not finding it. It's getting tougher and tougher. This is why I haven't been here for sooo long. Not much to show.

For the time being, I'm posting some shots I've taken recently with one of my court models... ;)

Now something of totally different style.