26 January 2012


That was my first maternity photoshoot :) I was really glad when Gosia decided to write to me and ask for it. She was just a perfect model. She looked really beatiful and sexy! The photos were taken in Lalala Arthotel in Sopot, which was my model's great idea :) Working with Gosia was a real fun! I'm sure she's going to be a great mum to her daughter. And we had a guest on our photoshoot. Daddy-to-be came to make sure everything was going well. Obviously, we had to take some family photos too :) So here we have the effects! :)

23 January 2012


This cute little girl has had a tough character since her early days. Even though we planned to take mostly sweet photos of her asleep, Zuzia was stubborn enough to wake up every time her mum and I tried to put her in some pose ;) Luckily, she was really playful when awake :) And here we go!


This model has an exceptional looks. Besides, the very first moment she came into my flat, we just clicked! This is an awesome feeling when you meet someone for the first time and feel as if you've known the person for ages. This was exactly the case with Natalia. I had a really good time taking pictures of that young lady. Enjoy :)

22 January 2012

Piotruś, Oleńka, Magda & Marcin

Having kids must be lots of fun! I always enjoy photoshoots with little ones :) They're so candid and unpredictable. This time I visited this lovely family at their place and did my best to capture all the real and cheerful moments. Ola was so energetic that it was a bit of a challenge to take a good photo of her. On the contrary, her little brother seemed to be terribly bored and dozed off every now and then ;) But he was such a cute little man that you would forgive him all. Have a look :)