21 January 2014


It's nice to move back to some sunny weather when there's a lot of snow outside. That subtle sunset makes me long for summertime even more. The meeting with Kasia was really fruitful and enjoyable. Have a look :)

18 January 2014


This time I wanted to try the Brenizer method of taking pictures. You can see the effect in the first photo. This one was composed out of 20 photos merged together into one pic. It seems to be a quite complicated process, but the results are interesting.


That was a short walk and a shoot in one. The beginning of spring was very pretty, as it usually is, but still a bit chilly. We found some lovely and magic light which made these pretty picures. That's a golden hour, which is my favourite, by the way :)

10 January 2014

Borys, Ula, Ewa & Krzysztof

It was an amazing photoshoot. Now a 3-year-old girl, Ula was my first baby model. She was then 3 months only and did a really good job. You can imagine what a touching moment that was when I arrived at her family's and she actually came up to me talking! And she is still really photogenic. There's been a big change in her life recently, a little brother to look after and play with. It's great to have siblings :)