23 June 2010

Charming Zosia and Marysia

Let me show you a little bit different kettle of fish than I usually present here. 


Tough task. Very demanding on the part of photographer. There are so many things to control and react to that it makes it extremely difficult to take a really good shot. I've tried and here are some of the photos I took.

My lovely models were Zosia and Marysia. Gorgeous little girls!

14 June 2010


Oh yeah! I have finally managed to talk Roksana into standing in front of my camera :D 

My lovely colleague and a friend always keeps some sweets up her sleeve to sate my endless appetite for everything that contains lots of sugar. And she is an amazing song hunter, providing us with the best selection of music. 
We met in Gdansk only to see the sky covered thoroughly with thick clouds. Soon it was raining cats and dogs. But it cleared up and the sun broke through the sky. So off we went to realize the plan of having a photoshoot :) It was a great fun! We had some ardent fans and met a dog eager to pose with my model... My friend was patient and willing to sit, lie, lean, stand, crouch and many more. 
Good job my dear and big kiss for your precious contribution. :***

9 June 2010


During my short visit in Warsaw, I met my university mate and this time we did not discuss syntax. Instead, we spent a great time on preparing and then realising the photoshoot in the centre of Warsaw. Beautiful weather was reserved especially for us and we could take advantage of it. This time my sister gave me a helping hand and took care of managing the reflector (that tool can really make a difference to a photograph) and she also contributed a good deal of work with make-up of my model. Along with the engagement of the whole crew we wound up with a few nice portraits.

2 June 2010

Daniel 2

The first shoot I had with Daniel was such a pleasure that I decided to talk him into meeting for another session. It was quite a surprise to find out that Daniel's fantastic locks are long gone! He looks different now, but still fills every frame so nicely that I found it quite hard to choose the nicest shots. The setting was supposed to be a bit different at the beginning (hopefully, we'll make up for it some other time), but new ideas appeared and we ended up with a few fine photos.
And... believe it or not, but Daniel is a Superman! Perhaps I'll try to prove it next time we have a photoshoot together :) Look forward to it.

Oh, and just a few backstage shots :D Mr. Smiley Face. Daniel, you are the best! :)