20 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Let me fill you a little bit with this warm Christmas atmosphere :) It was fun playing with snowflakes at the shoot, but tidying afterwards was not effortless. Especially getting rid of the snow from Monika's hair. It looked like dandruff and neither combing nor hoovering (sic!) helped ;) There's a small surprise for you among the pictures so look carefully. And Dear All, have a very Merry Christmas! :)

5 December 2012


This is my youngest model! Only 2 week old Lenka was really small and delicate. So fragile and beautiful. She made a funny pout as if she knew she was being photographed ;) And she seemed quite interested in what was happening around her because she didn't really want to fall asleep :) Oh, how I love to photograph the small ones! They are always very cute and adorable :)

3 December 2012


Those were the last days of sunny weather before a gloomy autumn set in. Gorgeous blue sky really matched Ania's outfit :) We stopped by for a drink at Smak Morza - restaurant with a very nice bright interior. And the colours matched perfectly :) Ania, thanks for a great morning!