9 October 2010

On the outskirts

Another shoot with Agnieszka was even more fun :) She arranged everything. The location, the clothes and make-up and made me get on the bus and travel into the unknown. I found myself surrounded with peaceful rural areas. That was a nice change of air when you compare it to all that noise which cities provide you with 24/7. Unusual atmosphere. Take a look.

1 October 2010


Before we started our photoshoot, Szymon told me he wished to have kind of old gangster movies session. I don't usually take such photos so it was a nice challenge. I planned to use studio lighting, but flash refused to work :/ Again, I worked with natural light only. To be honest, I can't really complain as the effects are quite fine with me. And Szymon did good job smoking cigar... Hope you'll like it :))