28 October 2009


It does not happen that often, but thank God, it does! I am rarely satisfied with the photos I take. Yesterday I spent a WHOLE day (12 hours, to be exact) with my model Alisha, and I must admit it was quite worthwhile. Imagine that it took us over an hour to make locks out of her thoroughly straight hair! Though, the effect was nice and together with lovely make-up (thanks Paulina!) she looked glamorous. The end results below.

Oh, I love this one!!!! The model hates it ;)))

17 October 2009

Autumn walk

Lovely season has come. Leaves are changing colour into red and yellow, sun gets low, and it is soooo beautiful around! I do not like when that hazy rainy and chilly autumn weather makes you feel blue. But I do love autumn when all its colours sparkle in the sun! One of those pretty days happened to come today. Together with my sis we went for a nice long walk and did not forget to take some shots :) Here we go...

14 October 2009


One day my pretty good friend came to my hometown to pay me a visit. It was the middle of the summer and the weather was fantastic, so we decided to take a couple of shots in the area nearby. There's a nice park in my town with a small playground and the photos below were taken just there. I had a nice red hat from my aunt which suited Krysia very well! So we went for a little walk and the results you can see below.

8 October 2009


Beautiful Polish beaches encourage photographers to take photos. My favourite places are in Sopot, obviously, and in Gdynia Orłowo. And I met Leal there for some shots to be taken. Leal is quite young but she already has that something she's going to pursue. Dance. Her supple body can do amazing things! And I like to see that she is aware of her every movement. I should ask her for another session as this one was a true pleasure. Within a few hours we had sun, dark clouds and rain. It was rather chilly, so a big thank you should be said to Leal for her resilience to unfavourable weather conditions ;) Oh, and for her courage to change clothes irrespective of curious stares received from the passers-by...