31 January 2010


Well... I don't know what to write this time. There'll be more to look at, though :)
Having become the happy owner of an awesome lens Nikkor 50mm f1.4G I've discovered my passion to photography once again. 

Morning with Paulina.


Evening with Karolina...




Day 2. Same girls posing but in reverse order ;)




5 January 2010

The Snow Ladies

Having spent the best New Year's Eve ever we dropped in to our family living nearby. Therefore, my three favourite models could finally meet in person! Obviously, it was a unique chance for me to place  them all in one frame. So I tried to make the most of it. When you looked out of the window you could see how amazing the surroundings looked! Everything was covered in white powdery snow. Girls put on their sweaters and we went out for a little photoshoot. It was great fun!
Though the girls were the ones who felt cold, I fell ill in the end...