26 June 2012

Michasia i Ania, Dorota & Krzyś

Ania, the older sister, was very playful and cheerful from the very beginning of the photoshoot. She enjoyed playing hide and seek and kept on showing me her gorgeous candid smile! :) The younger sister, one-month-old Michasia, was calm and quiet. Though, she was fully vigilent at the same time. She wasn't very eager to fall asleep. But in the end she must have got tired and dozed off for a while :) 
It's cool to have a family, isn't it? :) Just look at them all!

10 June 2012


Do you remember pregnancy photoshoot with Karolina? The protruding belly has changed into a tiny gorgeous boy! It was lovely to meet Karolina again and see her in a new role of a full-time mum :) It was the first photoshoot of Antoś, but he knew exactly what to do ;) He was such a good boy! Not crying much, sleeping most of the time and smiling while asleep :) Oh, and I loved the dog! Kathia was so photogenic that she got some portraits taken and joined Antoś for one shot :)

I would like to thank Ania for another set of beautiful crochet hats (see here for more)!


That was a photoshoot which I'd been planning for some time. Then I found a perfect model for it. I really loved working with Ola. She is such a nice and modest girl. I had a great time doing her hair, and then make-up and styling. Dry roses were put together into a garland and looked beautiful on Ola's hair. I just couldn't decide which pictures to choose cause I liked so many of them! Hope you'll enjoy them too :)