26 January 2013


Sleeping Beauty :) Do you ever wonder how it's possible that all these infants seem to sleep through most of the photoshoot and are so calm? :) Patience is the key... It's all thanks to their parents, who cuddle them, lull them to sleep, feed and amuse, and wipe away the tears. I believe it's all worth it when you see the effects.


So here she is :) Ania came straight from my beloved city, Poznań, to stand in front of my camera. We had a really nice time: long walk, a bit of running away from the heavy rain and sipping coffee at White House (with beautiful interiors). It was also nice to meet Dorota again. And even nicer to see that she got soooo keen on photography! :) Actually, this is how I finally got some backstage afterwards ;) Thanks a lot girls for having such a great time!

A bit of me at work :) Work that I just can't live without! ♥ 


Here's another one-month-old model. Marcel's grandma is very talented and all these lovely hats are handmade by her (you can find more here). This little man couldn't make up his mind whether to sleep or not, but finally he did ;) 
I love the macro shots of tiny lips and lashes, little fingers and toes, and strands of thin hair. And all these look enormous when displayed in full screen mode. Real beauty!