24 May 2010


Beautiful girl
Absolute commitment
One pose per one shutter release
Enormous potential
Easy and pleasant cooperation

Let me not write anything else. Just look.

22 May 2010

Studio shoot with Alek & Darek

I feel kind of ... like a thief after yesterday's shoot. Studio, setting and a model were all supposed to be used by Alek and Darek. But I was lucky enough to accompany Karolina on that session and, since guys did not mind my drifting around and getting in the way quite a lot, I took my camera out and took advantage of everything being already set to take some shots :D Such people as Alek and Darek, who are brothers sharing the same passions, are few and far between. It was really kind of them to help me adjust my camera and let me play with their toys :) Anyway, those couple of hours were not wasted and we did have a fantastic time! Big kiss on the cheek for you guys and thanks a lot :***

But most importantly, you need to have a look at their portfolio which is really impressive!

20 May 2010

Catching the rays of sunshine

Feeling a surge of joy because of the sunny weather we set off to the nearby beach together with my sis. The sand was so pleasantly warm that we kept on enjoying sheer sitting there. For the first time this year actually! It brings back memories of summer. So well... we devoted ourselves to taking photos and here are the effects .

7 May 2010


 By chance I've dug up a remote shoot with my sister. Actually, these photos were taken in order to check the exposure and composition on digital camera before I pressed the shutter of the old Zenit camera... I haven't had the film developed yet, so for the time being I post the digital version :)

2 May 2010


:))) That session was such great fun! My favourite make-up artist Justyna (you can have a look at another shoot we worked together on) brought a very very very nice (and beautiful!) model Dagmara. Inconspicuous-looking turned into a lovely young woman when wearing transparent blouse and her hair loose. And I love her eyes! Amazing! Although it was May 1st and the sun was trying to break through, it was quite chilly. But the model was ready to devote herself for the sake of the pictures. And she did really well. Thanks a lot girls for the great time! :*
And here are the photos. Enjoy!