10 August 2011

Milk and chocolate

My cousin, sister and I were sipping coffee in a cafe when we hit upon an idea of making a diptych of a milky shot and a chocolate one. I had the exact vision of a facial expression, the idea how milk should spill and how melted chocolate should flow down the fingers. And then we chose contrasting colours of Monika's top, the background and the make-up.

The chocolate part was really sweet, especially afterwards because I could eat the rest of that delicious chocolate ;) And then I took a glass of milk... Surprisingly, the first shot was the perfect one!! Actually, we were quite astonished because I spilt milk too suddenly and almost forgot to press the button on a remote control. So we ended up with two shots only. After a few more attempts we decided these first two pictures were the best. And here we have the effects :))) Enjoy!

9 August 2011

Message in a bottle

This is a story about love which never ends and overcomes all the obstacles. Love which is so strong that will always find a way. 

And I hope Agnieszka and Emil's love is exactly the same :) Thank you so much my dear models for all your commitment and bringing out your acting skills! :)