31 October 2011

Kamila & Michał // Wedding photoshoot

I stayed in Giżycko after the wedding and fortunately I managed to convince Kamila and Michał to do a double photoshoot :) They did really well but I could see Michał's relief and joy when we finished the second day :D Believe me, it is always a lot of fun but a hard work as well! Kamila wished to have photos taken in a cornfield so we rushed in a search of nice areas nearby. And we found what we needed :) Besides I was really happy to find out that there was a funfair in Giżycko! :) I just couldn't miss a chance to take pictures there too. It was a real pleasure to work with you guys again! :*

The wedding of Kamila & Michał

I first met Kamila and Michał on their engagement session. They make such a nice couple! It was an honour for me when they asked me to photograph their wedding! So there I was, on July 23rd, in Kamila's hometown, Giżycko, ready to capture that elusive moments. Both of them looked stunning and despite rainy weather everyone was in a great mood. That was a truly great wedding!
Once somebody told me that being a wedding photographer is an amazing job. And now I agree, because it is a true pleasure to see and share one of the happiest moments of people's lives! During that wedding I could see a deep affection and love on each step. My dear newlyweds, I wish you all the best! :*