5 February 2011


That photoshoot was a birthday present for Maria. Her friend Karolina set up everything and we met on a horrible rainy morning and went to the hotel. I hoped it would stop raining but the sun didn't come up. Anyway, we had lots of fun!!! The idea was to present two different faces of our model and I think we managed to show that :) 

Besides, girls also wanted to have some shots together... So here we have a pillow war... :D 
Thank you both for everything :*



1 February 2011


It was a beautiful sunny day when Kasia and I set off to a lovely small town nearby Kartuzy. Kasia's father is very fond of gathering antiques. The room where we took most of the pictures was full of nice and stylish furniture and other objects with interesting use... For example, there was a silver knight holding a special shovel and he was ready to put some more coals in a beautiful tiled stove :D I was also a bit scared that my model may want to try the spindle and fall in a deep sleep just like the Sleeping Beauty did ;) Fortunately she stayed away from it :) Oh... and I loved the teddy bear!! An amazing old lad! :D

Well, thank you Kasia a lot for your commitment. It was definitely worth going that far away. :***