22 November 2011


It's been quite a long time since I last photographed my little sis :) It could have been as far as half a year ago! But at last she said she wanted some portraits... So we shopped for some clothes (especially orange ones to match her hair colour) and we were soon ready for a photoshoot :) Next time I'll try to make her smile more as she's got a really gorgeous smile! Enjoy! :)

18 November 2011

Marta & Charalampos // Photoshoot in Paphos

Paphos is such a beautiful place that I could easily spend a few days photographing Marta and Charalampos :) We were a bit pressed for time, though. Anyway, we managed to visit the spots we wanted, so I was quite happy. Working on such a boiling day was quite challenging! Especially at the rugged coastline of Sea Caves. You almost felt as if the sun was touching you. My models could barely stand the heat, but luckily, they were really patient :)

Among the banana trees I got really scared and stressed after I had seen a black snake crawling in a distance!!! It was a big relief when finally we were sitting in a safe restaurant and having lunch! :) Later on, we continued our photoshoot in a lovely garden and at the harbour next to the Paphos Castle. The closer to the sunset it was, the happier Charalampos became ;) It meant the photoshoot was coming to an end. Anyway, we had a lot of fun and this time I was lucky enough to have an assistant on my side as well :) Thanks a lot!