13 October 2012

Monika & Krzysiu

We had a great time during this photoshoot :) My lovely models (my cousin and her boyfriend) did a little bit of acting in a cornfield to make a story in the pictures ;) It went quite well. And we were blessed with a gorgeous light at the end! They make such a nice couple that it's a pleasure to look at them :) Enjoy!


7 o'clock. A windy day. Almost empty pier in Sopot. And we meet for a photoshoot :) The light is nice, the model relaxed and our walk and conversation on a chilly morning give the power for the rest of the day. It's funny when you can have breakfast after the shoot :D


That was a boiling hot and sunny morning. At our first attempt to put Jasiu in a basket we failed. But then he was fed by his mum and slept so tight that we managed to change his clothes and actually take all the pictures you see below! :) A perfect baby model. 
A big thank you to Ania for those lovely photo props :) Have a look at more of her stuff here.


Ilona asked me to help her to prepare a wedding gift for her husband :) He didn't know anything even though he drove Ilona to my place :P A bit stressed at the beginning, but she relaxed quite quickly. And she smiled so beautifully and candidly that I was sure we would get most of it. Ilona looks natural but sensual, and I think this is exactly how we wanted to show her :) 
Wanna see her husband's reaction when he got the present? :D It's at the end of their wedding reportage here :)