5 June 2011


I had been planning this photoshoot for a long time. The first moment I saw that kitchen, I knew I would have to photograph it. I liked all about it! The modern style and its minimalism, the light which was casted exactly as I needed, an old table... And then the idea started to grow. I was sure the perfect model for that shoot would be Karolina. Before I even told her, all the details about her looks were already there in my mind. And when I presented her my idea, she agreed :) 

The photoshoot itself was a great fun! It was also a GREAT mess ;) The flour was hanging all over the kitchen. And all over Karolina and me. I loved the moment when she struck the table with her fists and you could see that white powder bursting into the air! When we finished there was a thick layer of flour waiting to be cleaned. And this is the moment which is the least pleasure - tidying after the photoshoot... But still, it was definitely worth it.